Strategy and research

“I would like to thank you for your excellent work on the proposal for the strategy. It was clear, precise and well thought through. I look forward to working with you again in the future.“

“I want to first of all thank you very much for all the work on the evaluation – it was absolutely excellent and very useful. You did exactly what I wanted and the insightful way you phrased things was very helpful … It was very comprehensive“


“I saw Miranda for four sessions and chatted to her about my career and the best next steps I should consider. Miranda is a fantastic listener and adept questioner. I also really valued the clarity of her thinking which helped me enormously both during the times we met and afterward. I would wholeheartedly recommend Miranda to anyone looking for career coaching.”

Patrick Olszowski

“Miranda is a brilliant Coach, and her talents have had a profound impact on my business. She is professional and yet incredibly approachable, with a fantastic ability to balance empathy with an objective stance. Miranda’s experience and expertise have proven valuable to my company, and her undeniable passion and enthusiasm will help drive her clients to excel in whatever capacity they choose to hire her” Maya Dillon

“When I started being coached by Miranda I was undergoing a period of stagnation in my professional life. The first session I had was both empathetic and rigorous. By my final session my confidence was significantly boosted, and I was generating the income I needed. Miranda was sensitive, insightful and encouraging, and her coaching exceeded all my expectations” Kate Dunn

“The coaching has had a huge impact on me personally in terms of positive encouragement, affirmation and inspiration. As a direct result of the interim goals we set, I am at an advanced stage of recruitment with the UN. Miranda has helped me to regain the confidence to act strategically on my own behalf and her astute questioning has re-introduced some much needed creativity into my thinking. Miranda manages to combine personal warmth with rigorous professionalism and I am deeply appreciative of having had the opportunity to work with her” Julia Wickham

“Miranda has helped me to arrange my thoughts and come out of ‘overwhelm‘, so that I could bring out my ideas and convert them into action. She gently but firmly questioned any blocks I had – She has helped me focus my energy in a productive way to really focus on exactly what I care about during my work life“ Nina Owen

“My coaching sessions with Miranda were very effective. She listened attentively and helped me focus my thoughts in a way I have never previously had an opportunity to. Implementing these steps has already had a significant impact upon my work and self confidence“ Mark Crosby