Research and facilitation

I have considerable experience in designing innovative and appropriate qualitative research methodologies, and in helping organisations to ensure their research is rigorous and effective. I work with all aspects of research, from writing proposals, to research design and undertaking the research. I can also write up or quality check the resulting reports, and help with a dissemination strategy. I am a very experienced facilitator (with over 500 hours of facilitation experience) and chair.

Alongside designing and conducting desk based research and focus groups/ interviews in a number of different countries, I have designed and facilitated:

  • A week long panel of experts in community participation, based on a citizen’s jury model
  • Deliberative workshops looking at attitudes to inheritance tax
  • Large public meetings to play a carbon trading game
  • Workshops on attitudes to risk amongst parents
  • Action research into gender and HIV with sex workers in India

User engagement 

Organisations increasingly understand the value of working with service users, staff and the public in their work – and there are increasing requirements to do so. I have substantial experience of working with voluntary sector organisations to listen to service users and to ensure that they are at the heart of policy design and service delivery. I also work with campaigning organisations to involve the public as campaigners and social activists. The work I have done on behaviour change and public social attitudes places the organisations I work with in a strong position to understand how to increase supporter activism from a new perspective. 


As an experienced and effective public speaker, I enjoy delivering training in an engaging and thought provoking way. Courses on offer include:

  • Qualitative research skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Coaching for managers
  • Introduction to user engagement 

Voluntary sector coaching

I’m a qualified executive and personal performance coach. Large companies now frequently use coaching to help managers and team members to meet their targets. The voluntary sector has just as many pressing issues, and coaching can help to tackle these extremely effectively. The current climate means many organisations are doing more with less, and I can help by:

  • Implementing strategic plans
  • Helping a team become more effective and meet its targets
  • Helping a new manager through their first 100 days
  • Helping teams and individuals move through change
  • Supporting CEOs and management teams to develop more effective leadership skills
  • Dealing with conflict in the work place


Coaching offers time and space to think about wider organisational issues in a highly practical way. I use my wide experience of the voluntary sector to tailor the coaching to each specific organisation. As a result, organisations run more efficiently, support their staff more effectively – and ultimately have more time and energy to spend on what matters. 

In line with best practice I am fully insured and have regular coaching supervision.