As a qualified personal performance and executive coach, I specialise in helping people get the career and life balance they want. Clients come to me needing help with issues such as wanting to change jobs; needing support with returning to work after maternity leave and  negotiating a career path in the voluntary sector. I work with many different groups including:

  • People working in the voluntary and public sectors who want career direction and support
  • Women returning to work after maternity leave
  • People wanting to change careers or jobs
  • Freelancers and consultants who need business support and constructive challenge

Over the course of a few sessions, I work with clients to identify their goals, and then establish practical steps to achieve them. As a coach my job is not to offer advice, but rather to be a critical sounding board and to offer full support throughout the process. I help people overcome problems such lack of confidence or time by gentle questioning and support. Many say what a relief it is to simply have the time and space to discuss their plans with someone completely non judgemental.  As a result, clients leave with a clear sense of direction and an action plan to take them forwards.  

Clients include an author who built up a successful side business as a travel writer; a consultant who tripled his income, and  a campaigner in the voluntary sector who got her dream job.

In line with best practice I am fully insured and have regular coaching supervision. 

You can read some testimonials from clients here

FAQ about personal coaching

How long will my coaching sessions last?
The initial session is about an hour and a half. Subsequent sessions are between 45 – 50 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?
This entirely depends on what you are working on. Usually I suggest 4 sessions for an initial block, and then we can take it from there.

How frequently will I speak to my coach?
This will be discussed with you, but generally having sessions every 2 – 3 weeks works best.

Will there be work to do between the sessions?
This depends on the nature of your goals. I don’t usually set “homework“ but there is an expectation that action will take place between sessions.

Will I need to see my coach face-to-face?
Not necessarily. I can coach over the phone if that suits both parties.

What will happen at the first session?
We will spend some time going through the areas you would like to work on, and on establishing the overall goal for your coaching sessions. As with all coaching sessions, we will then break down the goal into achievable steps, and you will go away with concrete actions to take.